Chris Sannino
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Sing To You


I would write a song for you
If I had the words
I'd think of pretty things to say
Things you've never heard
I'd reveal my reveries
Tell tales from way back when
Wrap them up in melodies
Simple, soft and sweet and then..
I'd sing to you

I would give you anything
All that I could buy
Rooms of lace and diamond rings
Rides across the sky
After we'd been everywhere
I would take you home
To pass romantic nights away
Then basking in the afterglow
I'd sing to you

One Song
One Voice
One Love
One Choice

I could write a masterpiece
If I had the time
All I'd do is stay with you
Every day another rhyme
Making verses one by one
Looking down the road
At two old people hand in hand
And all along the way you know
I'd sing to you

One Song
One Voice
One Love
One Choice

© 2006 Sannino

Lyric Credits: Sannino
Music Credits: Sannino
Producer Credits: Sannino
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Sannino
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Song Length: 3:54
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: -