Chris Sannino
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Thing For You


Every morning I'm walkin' down the street
Starin' at the windows
Wonderin' if we'll meet
I don't know where to find you
But I'm walkin' just the same
I haven't got your number
I don't even know your name

Every afternoon I'm riding in my car
Turning every corner
Wonder where you are
I've been down every alley
'til I'm up against the wall
Got no picture in my pocket
Got no cellular to call

Just got this Thing For You

I walk
I drive
I look
But never do I find you

Every evening I'm sittin' in my chair
Surfin' round the channels
Searching everywhere
With every passing picture
I might see your face
Am I staring at the future
Or just staring into space
I've got this thing for you

I walk
I drive
I look
But never do I find you

Every night I'm lying in my bed
Starin' at the ceiling
Tryin' to stop my head
I don't know how I'll find you
And I'm just tryin to get some sleep
Got no baby to get next to
Got no promises to keep

Just got this thing for you

I walk, I drive, I look
But never do I find you
I walk, I drive, I look
Every morning
For whoever, whoever you are
I'm burnin' up the sidewalks
I've driven every highway

© 2006 Sannino

Lyric Credits: Sannino
Music Credits: Sannino
Producer Credits: Sannino
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Sannino
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Song Length: 5:45
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
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