Chris Sannino
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Take You For A Ride


Come with me
I'll take you for a ride
Down by the sea
It makes you feel so good inside
It's not so hard to find your dreamland
Although it seems so far away

Remember when we used to be so free?
Now and then it makes me sad it's not the way it used to be
It's not so hard to find a reason
Why you should smile at life again

Don't be late
I've got a ticket for the train
Pack up your bags
It's a chance you might not ever have again
Don't say you're sorry that it's over
You've got to live life every day.

Lyric Credits: Chris Sannino
Music Credits: Chris Sannino
Producer Credits: The Steel Road Band
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: The Steel Road Band
Label Credits: Warner Brothers

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Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:

Song Length: 3:43
Primary Genre: Pop-Classic
Secondary Genre: -