Chris Sannino
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Looking For Andy


Down at the greenhouse
Out in the yard
Andy was talking about the way things are
All of the cousins would peek through the fence
They were the smart ones
But he made more sense
I'm looking for Andy.
Looking for Andy

Sometimes we'd wander out on the dock
The fish nets smelled like the fish that they caught
We'd wait for the Dewey to come back from sea
Just to see what the catch of the day would be
I'm Looking For Andy
Looking For Andy

Looking for Andy
Under the house
We tried and we tried
But we couldn't figure him out
He must have been running
Away from the noise
He wasn't meant to be just one of the boys
Looking For Andy
Looking For Andy

It was just me and Andy
All summer long
We were takining some chances...
While the world went along
And his wisdom remains
In those warm summer nights
He was keeping it simple
He was getting it right

Looking For Andy
In the faces I meet
And I wonder how time's been
If life is still just as sweet
Still looking for Andy - It's been too many years
Since those innocent days of our youth disappeared.
Looking for Andy

I'm still looking for Andy............

Lyric Credits: Chris Sannino
Music Credits: Chris Sannino
Producer Credits: Chris Sannino
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Chris Sannino
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Song Length: 3:45
Primary Genre: Pop-General
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