Chris Sannino
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We Talk Too Long


We like to talk about tomorrow
We talk about tomorrow 'til it never comes
We like to keep our options open
When does this get to be fun?
We talk too long
We talk forever, and we never get the details done
We talk too long
We look for something better, before you know it then the moment's gone
We talk too long

We could be walking the Champs Elysees
Doin' Paris on Brie and Champagne
We could be basking on La Costa in Spain
There's nothing in the way
We talk too long
We talk it over, we talk over then we go to bed
We talk too long
We're going places, we're goin' places but they're in our heads
We talk too long

I'm tired of the way I've been living
Feels like I'm running out of time
I've got some vision but my wheels are spinning
I've stepped into quicksand
I'm stuck in this grind

We should be finding that magical place
Half way to heaven -gone with no trace
Greeting each morning with a long embrace
What are we waiting for?

We talk too long.....

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Song Length: 2:50
Primary Genre: Unique-Unclassified
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