Chris Sannino
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Maybe You Too


© 2006 Sannino

I like walking
On rainy afternoons
Kickin' through the puddles
Raindrops dripping down my nose
The neighbors say that's crazy
I suppose it's true
I like rainy afternoons
Maybe you do too

I like wearing sneakers
Instead of wearing shoes
Even when it's formal
It's better for my toes
I know I'm not supposed to
But there are worse things I could do
Maybe you don't mind it
Maybe you do too

I like two creams in my coffee
And I drink too many cups
I tend to drive a bit too fast
When I don't get there soon enough
And I still believe in magic
Which makes up for what I lack
So why don't we just take a ride
To Starbuck's and then back.

I like waking early
When all the world's in tune
Hearing mornings voices
Singing out their news
It helps me feel less lazy
While Nosey Neighbors snooze
I wake up early in the morning
Maybe you do too

Lyric Credits: Sannino
Music Credits: Sannino
Producer Credits: Sannino
Publisher Credits: Sannino
Performance Credits: Sannino
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Song Length: 2:47
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
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